Old Man Winter Strikes


Official 52 Hike Challenge photo. Leg #01

ON November 21, 2015 old man winter struck.

I woke up at 5:30 am to spend some time with my husband and son in the field duck hunting. After drinking a cup of coffee and getting our gear loaded we were off. There was not a trace of snow when we arrived at the boat launch at 6:30 am.

We had a good morning, bringing home three Buffle Heads to put in our freezer. And just enjoying the company and the quite. There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the snow gently landing on the trees and grass around you.

By 10 am when we arrived back at the boat launch there was probably 5″ of the fluffy, white stuff. After getting home and having a big breakfast I decided that Moose and I needed to get out and enjoy this beautiful snow, which was still coming down in large, fluffy flakes.

I choose a local trail just a couple miles from home, which is surrounded by plenty of woodland with a centralized Pond.

It was perfect. We started off into the silent wood. By this time there was at least 8″ of snow on the ground. It was absolutely beautiful. Both Moose and I were at ease and relaxed. Half way through we crossed the path of another adventurous couple, but never met up with them.

We did end up with a total of 15.5″ of snow…much more than the 2-4″ they had predicted! LOL!

Please enjoy the photographs.

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