52 Hike Challenge


Moose and I are officially committed to the 52 Hike Challenge! We’ve done many hikes over the past eight months, but we will now start counting each hike towards this challenge.

We need to do 52 hikes in one year. Distance and terrain don’t matter, just get out there and challenge yourself!!

We’ve already completed the first two legs of this challenge.

Will you make the commitment to yourself?


52 Hike Challenge



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  1. Good luck on your pursuit…I had not heard of this challenge previously. I hike at least 20-25 days per month, year round, with my dog…he loves it, and it is nice because we can hike in almost any westher conditions ! We also canoe,camp,snowshoe,skijor and kicksled…active dogs are great!


    • I found out about the 52 Hike Challenge through Instagram. I’d get out everyday and hike if I could. Right now I’m only able to get out once or twice a week on my days off, but the warmer months I can get out everyday after work with the longer days. 🙂 We normally do short day hikes, but I would like to get into some overnight hikes next summer on the road to some section hiking. 🙂 We also enjoy fishing, Shed Hunting and camping.

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